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TekTone is a registered trademark of TekTone Sound & Signal Mfg. Inc, Franklin NC

TekTone Limited Availability Products

All TekTone Limited Availability Parts Are ‘Final Sale’, No Returns
Some Items are “New, Old Stock” in old, dusty boxes


AM150/28 AM642/04 CT414 CT724
28 Zone NC-150 Adder Module 4 Button L/S Entry Panel PK400 Connector Old Type PK-724 Connector-W/OUT Clip
IH110R IH400A IR301 IR804A
Flush Mounting Ring White Desk/Wall Cabinet Single Bed Station Tek-Com Oversized Remote
IR804B JK010 NC305LCD NC500SK
Tek-Com Oversized Remote Walnut Connector for VM104 Master Station With LCD Display Older Version Tek-Care 500 Site Survey Kit
OR601 PK-205 PK311 PK320
Outdoor Remote Brown Amplifier for TA205C Handset Tek-View / Enterview Amplifier Booster Tek-View / Enterview Video Distributor
PK400 PK402 PK404A PK-417
 Tek-Select Power Supply  Adapter – DC Door Open Adapter - Off-Hook  Buzzer Tek-View / Enterview Multi-Entrance Adapter
PM016/4 PM104 SK031 TA-200
4-Light Add-On Module VM104 Connector Speaker 2.5” Round – 45 Ohm Replacement Handset for TA201 and TA205B 
TA205C TA701 VM-104-USED  
5-Wire Suite Handset *DISCOLORED* Wall Handset  USED VM104 Video Monitor