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 5-4-3 Wire Apartment Intercom Amplifier

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Application: The PK-543A Power Pack Intercom Amplifier is a self contained unit not requiring an external amplifier. The PK-543A is designed for use with most 3-4-5 wire apartment stations and provides amplification control and power circuits needed to operate a complete apartment intercom system. Voice volume control and tone volume control are easily adjustable through the screwdriver slot on the front panel.

Additional functions include multi-entrance operation with the PK-502B, AC or DC door operation selectable by terminal connection with selectable delayed action door release set at the dip switch, post office door lock release and a tone signal to call remote stations. A steady or warble tone can be used to identify calling from the main entrance panel and a call button located at the suite entrance.

CT-543A: Plug-in Connector. Included with PK- 543A Amplifier

Station Compatibility:

PK-543A is compatible with these LEE DAN apartment intercom stations:

IR-081B IR-081C IR-081D

IR-082A IR-082C IR-082D

IR-103B IR-103E IR-104B IR-104E IR-105B IR-105E
IR-107A 1R-107AG IR-107C IR-107CG IR-107D IR-107DG  
IR-203 IR-203E IR-204 IR-204E IR-205 IR-205E
IR-207 IR-207A IR-207B IR-207S IR-207SS

IR-307 IR-307A IR-307C IR-307D

IR-403 IR-404 IR-405 IR-413 IR-414 IR-415
IR-423 IR-424 IR-425 IR-433 IR-434 IR-435
  IR-443SS IR-444 IR-444SS IR-445 IR-445SS
IR-453 IR-454 IR-455

IR-463 IR-463SS IR-464 IR-464SS IR-465 IR-465SS

Size: 5 1/2"H, 3"1/8W, 2"D.

Construction: Rugged ABS Plastic Casing

Amplification: Integrated circuit amplifier including amplifier with frequency response adjusted for best voice articulation

Call Tone: Integrated circuit oscillator

Door Release: AC or DC operation with selectable timing

P.O. Release: P.O door lock release

Connections: Polarized plug in type.

Power Req: 16 VAC, 10V AC

Mounting: Surface, or mount to the rear of specifically designed apartment entrance speaker panels.

Replaces LEE DAN models: PK-543, PK-543L, PK-104B, PK-104BL, PK-103B, PK-103BL, PK-103A, PK-103AL, PK-101A, PK-101AL, PK-101
Replaces AMERICAN DEVICE model: AD700
Replaces AUTH models: 3085, 3087, 3088
Replaces FLORENCE model: FMC-10
Replaces HOUSING DEVICES model: ACS-30
Replaces JERON model: 5010
Replaces MIRTONE models: MA210, MA211, MA330, MA401C. MA485A
Replaces TEKTONE models: PK543, PK104B, PK103B, PK103A, PK101A, PK101

Since 1955, LEE DAN® has manufactured standard, modified and custom intercom systems for hundreds of thousands of homes, condos, co-ops, apartments, and commercial users. We take great interest in the special security needs of our customers, and great pride in the quality of our products!

Call LEE DAN® customer service department toll-free for more information.

With continuous product improvement, sizes and other specifications are subject to change without notice.

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