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DUE TO NEW YORK STATEWIDE MANDATE, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, LEE DAN will temporarily close its showroom and pickup counter effective immediately. OUR PHONES AND EMAILS WILL CONTINUE TO BE ANSWERED. Some shipments may be delayed.


Our Most Popular
Apartment Intercoms!

4-Wire stations are our most economical stations and the best choice for complete new systems where new wiring is run or where adequate wiring already exists. Also used to replace existing individual 4-wire stations from Lee Dan, TekTone, and other compatible brands.

For Bell/Buzzer Upgrade,
or 3-Wire Replacement

3-Wire stations are used to upgrade existing Bell/Buzzer stations into full voice intercom systems. Also used to replace existing individual 3-wire stations from Lee Dan, TekTone, and other compatible brands.

For Replacement
Use Only

5-Wire stations Are now used only to replace existing individual 5-wire stations from Lee Dan, TekTone, and other compatible brands


LEE DAN is proud to offer a versatile variety of apartment intercom station options for both rehab and new construction apartment buildings.

Intercom apartment stations may also be referred to as “apartment intercom buzzers”. Making easy two-way communication between a resident and visitors on the outside. Apartment intercoms help maintain a sense of security bygiving the apartment tenant the ability to grant or revoke access on a case by case basis.

LEE DAN is the standard bearer in both economical and innovative apartment intercom options. From the common white plastic to solid polished brass, we know apartment intercoms more than anyone.

Our multi-tenant apartment intercom systems can be seen in all sorts of apartment complexes, brownstones and more across the country. You know you’re getting a quality intercom when it comes from LEE DAN.