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IR-205E 5-Wire Surface Mount Apartment Intercom Station

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IR-205E 5-Wire Surface Mount Apartment Intercom Station

IR-205E is a popular 5–wire version of the IR-205E. IR-205E can be mounted to a single gang ‘gem’ box, or surface mounted directly to the finished wall using wall plugs. Additional functions include multi-entrance operation with the PK502B, AC or DC door operation selectable by terminal connection with selectable delayed action door release set at the dip switch, post office door lock release and a tone signal to call remote stations. A steady or warble tone can be used to identify calling from the main entrance panel and a call button located at the suite entrance.

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Compatible Station Upgrades:

IR-445: Stainless Steel

IR-445BR: Brass

IR-445SS: Stainless Steel w/ Round Metal Buttons

IR-445BRQ: Brass w/ Round Metal Buttons