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IR-105E 5-Wire Surface Mount Apartment Intercom Station
IR-105E 5-Wire Flush Mount Apartment Intercom Station

IR-105E 5-Wire Flush Mount Apartment Intercom Station

Direct Replacement: For TekTone® IR105E

IR-105E (IR105E) is an economical 4-wire apartment intercom station for new construction, where new wiring is used. Minimal depth makes for a particularly easy and attractive installation. The large 2 1/2", .3 Watt, 45 Ohm speaker provides superior voice quality audio reproduction. Contemporary styling, featuring stark white color and pleasing lines, compliments most decors. Advanced circuitry and simple pushbutton operation make this the perfect station for use in large or small buildings. New Braille legends, in addition to English language and symbol legends make this station easy to operate by all.

System Operation: The visitor, by pressing the appropriate button on the entrance panel, causes an electronic tone signal to be heard at the ‘IR’ (Inside Remote) station. The resident responds by pushing the TALK button while speaking to the caller, the LISTEN button while waiting for a reply, and the DOOR button to allow entry to the building.

Replaces: Tektone IR105, IR-105, IR105B, IR-105B, IR105C, IR-105C, IR105E, IR-105EL

Dimensions 6 7/8"H X 5"W X 2"D
Controls Talk, Listen and Door Release buttons with self-wiping, plated contacts.
Finish Fog White, High Impact ABS plastic.
Holes 2 mounting holes, to Fit IH-101, IH-101B, IH-400A or IH-700 Housings
Screws Includes 2 Scrulox SC-1 tamper resistant mounting screws.
Speaker 2 1/2", .3 Watt, 45 Ohm. Heavy duty magnet with natural voice reproduction. Also used for tone signal from lobby panel.

3-Wire | 4-Wire | Surface Mount

Wiring Instructions | Spec Sheet

Required Components

PK-543A (1 per Bldg)

Apartment Lobby Panels

SC-1 "Scrulox" Screwdriver

Compatible Station Upgrades:

IR-465: Stainless Steel

IR-465BR: Brass

IR-465SS: Stainless Steel w/ Round Metal Buttons

IR-465BRQ: Brass w/ Round Metal Buttons