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OR-101 Outdoor Aluminum Remote Station

ES-002 Style 'E' Apartment Intercom Lobby Panel


OR-101 Outdoor Aluminum Remote Station

For Door Answering Intercoms 2-Way Voice Communication

Weather Resistant, 45 Ohm Mylar Cone Speaker

Economy Style, Aluminum outdoor remote station can be used anywhere an economical 45 Ohm weather resistant speaker is required. Flush and surface mounting hardware sold separately.

Material Aluminum Faceplate, ABS Plastic Grille
Weatherstripping Foam Weatherstripped for tighter wall or box seal
Call Button None
Dimensions 6 7/8"H X 5"W X 1 1/2"D
Flush Mount Use IH-101B
Surface Mount Use OH-700
Screws Includes 2 Scrulox SC-1 tamper resistant mounting screws.
Compatible Station Upgrade Options




Required Components

IH-101B (Flush Mount)

OH-700 (Surface Mount)

SC-1 "Scrulox" Screwdriver

Replaceable Parts



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