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OR-101 Outdoor Aluminum Remote Station

ES-002 Style 'E' Apartment Intercom Lobby Panel


OR-201SS Outdoor Stainless Steel Remote Station

Vandal-Proof Design

For Door Answering Intercoms 2-Way Voice Communication

Weather Resistant, 45 Ohm Mylar Cone Speaker

Strongest, Stainless Steel Style is the best choice anywhere a durable, 45 Ohm weather resistant speaker is required. Flush and surface mounting hardware sold separately.

Material 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Faceplate
Double Metal Speaker Baffle
Call Button None
Dimensions 6 7/8"H X 5"W X 1 1/2"D
Flush Mount Use IH-101B
Surface Mount Use OH-700
Screws Includes 2 Scrulox SC-1 tamper resistant mounting screws.
Compatible Station Upgrade Options


Required Components

IH-101B (Flush Mount)

OH-700 (Surface Mount)

SC-1 "Scrulox" Screwdriver

Replaceable Parts


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