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AM612/02 & AM612/02S Modular Intercom Entry Panel

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SM-201B (SM201B) Replaces SM-201, SM201

Master Intercom Station with Built-In Door Release

Discontinued: See Other Door Answering Kits

The SM-201B intercom master is a multi-purpose intercom suitable for homes, offices or wherever communication to a single location plus convenient electrical door opening is needed. The solid state design combined with low voltage operation, permits easy and simple installation. SM-201B master has a built-in voice amplifier, volume control, electronic tone signal, TALK, LISTEN and electric DOOR release (or other signaling device) buttons. Install the SM-201B on a standard 1 gang electrical box, or use our popular IH-400A cabinet for desk or surface mounting. SM-201KS- Door Answering Intercom Kit, contains 1 of each: SM-201B, OR-603SS, PS-20A SM-201KR- Door Answering Intercom Kit, contains 1 of each: SM-201B, OR-103, OH-700, PS-20A

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