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TekTone is a registered trademark of TekTone Sound & Signal Mfg. Inc, Franklin NC

Tektone TekTone is a registered trademark of TekTone Sound & Signal Mfg. Inc, Franklin NC

NC110:  UL 1069 Listed Nurse Call System

NC110:  UL 1069 Listed Nurse Call System


TekTone®'s NC110 (NC-110) is the ideal Audible-Visual Nurse Call System for audible and visual indication without the use of intercom communications. The basic system consists of a master annunciator/control panel, room call stations, emergency call stations, dome lights, zone lights, control unit, and power supply equipment. Emergency signals are identified at the master station by a rapid flashing of the associated station indicator light, call light, and emergency light; in addition to a rapid pulsating tone. Routine calls are indicated by the steady illumination of the station selector light, call light, and a slow pulsating tone. The tone may be canceled for normal calls by depressing the TONE-OFF button. EMERGENCY calls take precedence over ROUTINE calls. Call signals can be canceled at point of origin only


Spec Sheets | Wiring Instructions

NC-110A NC-110N NC-110/4 NC-110/8

NC-110/12 NC-110/16 NC-110/20 NC-110/24
NC-110/28 NC-110/32 PK-124K   
PK-153   PS-30A IH-151NK


 (Shown with OF-201T)



AM-110/36 LI-150B LI-381
LI-381 Dome Light
LI-382 LI-382LED SF-155B  SF-156B
LI-381 Dome Light
SF-337C SF-301A SF-301A/10 SF-301A/20
SF-301G SF-302 SF-302/10  N-553A
SC-1  LI-014 LI-028 RP-021CM
IH-302 IH-303 OF-201T OF-202T
OF-203T  OH-201 OH-202 OH-203
OH-301 OH-302 NC365B NC397A

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