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Oversized directory makes this panel perfect for commercial and apartment buildings!

RS-028ST REGENCY™ Deluxe Vandal-Resistant Apartment Entry Panel

28 Button Surface Mount

REGENCY™ Deluxe Vandal-Resistant Apartment Entry Panel

Oversized Directory Style Aluminum Intercom Lobby Panels


Standard Regency™ Features

  • Surface Mount, Housing Included
  • All Metal Construction
  • Heavy Extruded Anodized Aluminum
  • Oversized Polycarbonate Protected Alphabetical Directory
  • Double Metal Speaker Baffle
  • Mylar Cone Weather-Resistant Loudspeaker
  • Custom Sizing Available
  • Self-Wiping Buttons on Metal Backplate
  • 24 or More Buttons (Multiples of 4)
  • Custom Engraved, Solid Aluminum ‘Plungers’
  • Standard Engraved: 1-28 as shown
  • Custom Engraved: Upon Request, Such as 1A-14A, 1B-14B
  • Two (2) Standard Finishes
  • 'Scrulox' Tamper-Proof Access Screws
  • Flush Mount
    Model Available
    Also Consider
    Quantum Style Stainless Steel

    REGENCY Button Options:

    See Spec Sheet

    See Wiring Instructions

    Size 18 3/4"H x 12 1/2" W x 2 1/8" D
    Heavy Extruded Anodized Aluminum
    Speaker 3 1/2", 1.0 Watt, 45 Ohm Mylar Cone, Weather-Resistant
    Heavy duty magnet with natural voice reproduction
    Also used for tone signal from lobby panel
    Grille Double Metal Speaker Baffle
    ST-008 Plastic Standard Type
    ST-008/2 Replacement Type Push Buttons
    Holes 4 Corner Mounting Holes
    Screws Includes Scrulox tamper resistant screws
    Requires SC-1 Scrulox tamper screw driver to install
    Directory Strips
    LDES: LEE DAN Directory Strip 6 5/16" W x 3/8" H Up to 25 Characters
    LDES-B: Blank LDES, Used for Spacing Between Names 6 5/16" W x 3/8" H Blank LDES
    LDES-X: Broadcast Message Strip 6 5/16" W x 1 1/2" H Up to 4 Lines
    Unlacquered vs. Lacquered Brass
    MILLENNIUMCustom Intercom Entry Panels Are Available In Two Finishes:
    STANDARD Finish is Unlacquered.
    This is a bright, shiny unprotected polished finish. Unlacquered panels will show every fingerprint, and smudge. Loss of its original luster will begin immediately, and will become more noticeable as a result of passage of time and natural day to day usage. As it reacts with oxygen and the elements, the unprotected brass finish will oxidize and develop a dark patina that some consider an antique-brass, or "bronzy" look. Depending on environmental conditions, it could take approximately two years to attain the darkest patina.
    Lacquer is an OPTIONAL Finish.
    This is a bright, shiny protected polished finish. Lacquered panels show fewer fingerprints and fewer smudges. Most importantly, lacquered panels may retain its original luster over years of normal use. Lacquer finishes will wear over time and are not considered permanent. Only the finished front of the panel is lacquered. Edges, mounting holes and other production holes may still be vulnerable to gradual oxidation. Lacquering is meant to protect a panels' bright, shiny luster, and should not be considered a guard against scratches or vandalism. Do not attempt to polish or clean lacquered panels, as this will damage the lacquer. As an added process, lacquering may add 1-3 weeks to standard production time.

    Print Lacquer Information

    Required Components

    PK-543A (1 per Bldg)

    Apartment Stations

    SC-1 "Scrulox" Screwdriver

    Replaceable Parts

    Buttons: Call Factory


    Directory Strips


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