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QS-011S QUANTUM™ Stainless Steel
Apartment Lobby Panel

11 Button Surface Mount

QUANTUM™ Stainless Steel
Apartment Lobby Panel

Round Metal Button Style Vandal-Proof Intercom Lobby Panels

Standard QUANTUM Features

  • Surface Mount, Housing Included
  • High-Grade 16 Gauge (Low Carbon) Stainless Steel
  • Integral Polycarbonate Protected Alphabetical Directory
  • Exclusive 3-Layer Metal Speaker Baffle
  • Mylar Cone Weather-Resistant Speaker
  • Heavy (6 amp rated) Solid Metal Buttons with Positive Screw Terminals
  • Permanent, Custom Engraving Directly on the Panel Surface
  • Standard Engraved: 1-11 as shown
  • Custom Engraved: Upon Request, Such as 1A-5A, 1B-5B, SUPT
  • Optional Building Address Engraving Deters Theft (add suffix 'E' to model no.)
  • Custom Sizing Available
  • 'Tampruf' Tamper-Proof Access Screws
Flush Mount
Model Available
Also Consider
Bravo Style Polished Brass

QUANTUM Button Options:

See Spec Sheet

See Wiring Instructions

Size 18 3/4" H x 5" W x 2 1/8" D
High grade 16 gauge (low carbon) Stainless Steel
Speaker 3 1/2", 1.0 Watt, 45 Ohm Mylar Cone, Weather-Resistant
Heavy duty magnet with natural voice reproduction
Also used for tone signal from lobby panel
Grille 3-layer metal speaker baffle
Buttons Heavy (6 amp rated) solid metal buttons with positive screw terminals
ST-SSR2 Replacement Type
Controls Individually replaceable round metal buttons with self-wiping, plated contacts
Holes 2 mounting holes, to fit OH-702 box (included)
Screws Includes 2 Tampruf tamper resistant mounting screws
Requires SC-T Tampruf tamper screw driver to install
Directory Strips
LDDS: LEE DAN Directory Strip 3 13/16" W x 1/4" H Up to 22 Characters
LDDS-B: Blank LDDS, Used for Spacing Between Names 3 13/16" W x 1/4" H Blank LDDS
LDDS-X: Broadcast Message Strip 3 13/16" W x 1" H Up to 4 Lines
Required Components

PK-543A (1 per Bldg)

Apartment Stations

SC-T "Tampru" Screwdriver

Replaceable Parts




Directory Strips


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