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NC556 (NC-556)

Ethernet to Fiber Converter

The NC556 Ethernet to Fiber Converter is used when Ethernet connections in any Tek-CARE® nurse call system must be extended over 100 meters. The NC556 Ethernet to Fiber Converter is particularly useful for large campuses or in instances when the Tek-CARE® Central Equipment cabinets are located in multiple buildings and must be interconnected to create a single system. The NC556 Ethernet to Fiber Converter does not require setup or configuration—it is a truly plug-and-play device and is operationally transparent to the nurse call system.

Potential uses for the NC556 include linking Tek-CARE Central Equipment cabinets, connecting a Tek-CARE Appliance Server to a remote Tek-CARE Central Equipment cabinet, or extending the Tek-CARE network to NC402TS master stations. The NC556 supports a maximum fiber optic cable length of 2 kilometers (1.2 miles). The NC556 is designed for SC-terminated multimode fiber optic cable. The fiber converter fully complies with applicable IEEE 802.3 standards. It is UL® 1069 listed for use with the Tek-CARE nurse call system. A 12 VDC power transformer is included. As an integral part of the nurse call system, the NC556 Ethernet to Fiber Converter must be connected to a Uninterruptible Power Supply and life safety electrical circuit. TekTone® recommends that the NC556 Ethernet to Fiber Converter be installed by a technician who is experienced in making multimode fiber connections.


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