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NC554/5 (NC-554/5)

NC554/8 (NC-554/8)
Tek-CARE 120

Network Switches

The NC554/5 5-port network switch and the NC554/8 8- port network switch are used to create the Tek-CARE® Network. This network provides data transmission between Tek-CARE nurse call systems, the Tek-ALERT® alert integration manager, and the Tek-CARE® Appliance Server from the Tek-CARE®central equipment (CE) to Master Stations, enabling some ancillary features that are too data intensive for just one CE connection.

The network switches are used in these scenarios:

Tek-CARE®400 Nurse Call System—Connect multiple NC402TS Master Stations, an NC475 Tek-CARE Appliance Server, an NC465 Media Gateway and/or a laptop computer to the single network port on the CE’s PM451 Hub Control Module.

Tek-CARE®400 Nurse Call System— Extend the cable distance from a NC402TS Master Station or NC475 Tek-CARE Appliance Server to the PM451 Hub Control Module. Each Ethernet cable segment can be up to 328 feet (100 meters). Use multiple network switches between an NC402TS Master Station and the CE to extend the distance to a maximum of 1000 feet (305 meters).

Tek-CARE®120 or 160 Nurse Call Systems— Extend the distance between NC120/160 CE Modules up to 2 km using NC554-series network switches and NC556 Ethernet to Fiber Converters.

Tek-ALERT Alert Integration Manager—Add multiple foreign devices by connecting their CT601 Serial to IP Converters to the Tek-CARE Appliance Server.

These Fast Ethernet switches automatically detect the type of network (auto negotiation) and type of cable (auto MDIX) and configure themselves, making for a Plug-and-Play networking solution. The NC554/5 5-Port Network Switch allows up to 4 Ethernet devices to connect to the Tek-CARE Network. The NC554/8 8-Port Network Switch allows up to 7 Ethernet devices to connect to the Tek-CARE Network.


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