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Tek-CARE 500
Tek-CARE Monitor

The touchscreen NC403TS Tek-CARE Monitor is a purpose- built monitor for the Tek-CARE nurse call system. It is designed to be a cost-effective and attractive option for displaying calls throughout the facility where the full functionality of a master station is not required. The NC403TS Tek-CARE Monitor is supplied as a complete unit which includes all the necessary hardware for connection to the nurse call system. The NC403TS TekCARE Monitor is connected to the Tek-CARE system via the facility's local area network (LAN). A CL234 wallmount bracket may be purchased separately and used in conjunction with a VESA designed TV/Monitor wall mount bracket.

The NC403TS Tek-CARE Monitor offers many functions used by facility staff on a daily basis, such as call display and the ability to view details about a call, resident information, status display, and more. The NC403TS TekCARE Monitor can also modify its own annunciation settings and display system faults if desired. Password protection of advanced features is also available. The NC403TS Tek-CARE Monitor can be also be zoned to display calls from desired zones to improve staff awareness and efficiency. Up to 254 NC403TS Tek-CARE Monitors can be installed on a single Tek-CARE system.


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