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PC Alarm Panel

The NC502 (NC-502) PC-Alarm Panel provides an interface between TekTone®500 NC501A (NC-501A) Master Station Computer and a POTS line for the purpose of sending alarm messages to a central monitoring station. The NC502 (NC-502) PC-Alarm Panel is external to the master station computer and has its own 12VDC power adapter

Connection to the NC501 Master Station Computer is accomplished via a standard straight serial cable. A standard 6-position/2-wire Telephone cable is used to connect the unit to the telephone wall jack.

The NC502 (NC-502) includes the PC-Alarm Panel, a straight serial cable, a power adapter with cord, and a phone cable.


Dimensions: Height: 1.58" (40mm) Width: 3.92" (99.5mm) Length: 7.44" (189mm)

Connections: Keyed, plug-in type

Power: 12VDC, 800mA power adapter, runs on 120VAC (220 VAC is available)

Isolation: Mechanical relay, Opto-coupler and telephone coupling transformer

Housing: High-strength plastic


NC-501A Tek-CARE®500 Master Station Computer with version code or later

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Architects' & Engineers' Specifications:

The PC-Alarm Panel shall be TekTone® model NC502 (NC-502) PC-Alarm Panel, or approved equal as supplied by LEE DAN®.

The NC502 (NC-502) shall receive alarm messages from the Tek-CARE®500 NC501A Master Station Computer via an RS-232 connection and shall then transmit the alarm messages over a POTS line to a central monitoring facility using the Ademco Contact-ID protocol. The NC502 PC-Alarm Panel shall be capable of generating all DTMF signals necessary for message transmission, as well as decoding handshake and kiss-off tones received from the central monitoring station.

The NC502 shall report transmission status to the NC501A Master Station Computer over the RS-232 connection referenced above.

The NC501A shall support up to 1500 transmitters. The central computer and software shall interpret data received by the NC510 Receiver, and shall display all patient/resident, transmitter and pager information. The software shall alert staff via video display and speaker audio if a transmitter is activated, develops a problem or leaves the coverage location.

The monitor shall display the location of placed calls (exact location for wall-mounted transmitters; nearest NC512 Locator for pendant 0 transmitters) and other pertinent information about calls in progress. Call information shall be stored in a historical record for later retrieval and analysis. The NC501A shall be able to send event information to optional staff pagers via an NC365A Pager Transmitter.


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