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Voltage Interface Unit


The NC375 (NC-375) Voltage Interface Unit will integrate TekTone's Tek-CARE® NC110, NC200, NC150 Nurse Call Systems and CM800 Emergency Call Systems with TekTone®'s on-site paging transmitter model NC366A. The NC375 will accommodate a 128-station system, and is connected directly to the nurse call master or emergency call annunciator panel. Up to 3 NC375s may be connected to the NC366A to increase capacity to 384 stations.

The NC375 interface sends call priority information via a serial port to the NC366A on-site UHF transmitter. The transmitter then transmits this information to the pagers, allowing the staff to distinguish call priority levels. The NC37D's ability to accept analog inputs and turn them into serial data, and the ease of installation and connection, allows the integration of radio-paging and management systems to TekTone® non-microprocessor-based nurse call and emergency call systems. Contact the factory for applications using non-TekTone® systems.


Dimensions: Height 11.875" (309mm) Width 7.25" (183mm) Depth 3.25" (84mm)

Construction: Electronic components enclosed in an ABS plastic housing

Connections: Screw Terminals 9-PIN serial connector

Housing: Surface mounted

Voltage: Trigger: 24 volts DC

Operational: 110 VAC Input

Current Consumption: Less than 100 mA

Messages Output: 4 per input, 1-Routine, 2-Bath, 3-Emergency, 4-Cancel/Reset

BAUD Rate: 9600


Tek-CARE® NC110, NC150, NC200 Nurse Call System


CM800 Emergency Call System

NC366A On-site UHF Transmitter

NC397A Pagers

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Architects' & Engineers' Specifications:

Voltage Interface Unit shall be a TekTone®NC375 (NC-375), or approved equal as supplied by LEE DAN®

The NC375 (NC-375) Voltage Interface Unit shall interface any of the following TekTone® systems: Tek-CARE®NC110, NC200, NC150 Nurse Call Systems; CM800 Emergency Call Systems; to a TekTone® NC366A On-site UHF Transmitter. The interface unit shall send serial data that will indicate call type and location. The NC375 shall be connected directly to the nurse call master or the Emergency Call Annunciator Panel.

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