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DMS120P Paso 120 Watt Integrated Amplifier

Every  component utilized is Heavy-Duty. Built tough to take the daily punishment required for continuous operation. DMS PLUS delivers outstanding sonic performance at any level of rated power and with any speaker system load. Breakthrough technology is applied to every critical circuitry from power surge protection and speed controlled fans for thermal protection to massive high current power supplies. The load management system has the ability to adapt the power transfer to specific speaker loads. By delivering more current on demand to the output stages when peak power is needed, the amplifier will automatically provide the additional reserve headroom required. Digital coax inputs and outputs are provided for outstanding sound purity with lower distortion for "Heavier Bass" and "Clearer Highs". Four models are available from 120 Watt to 360 Watt plus a preamplifier mixer in only 2U of rack space.

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 Phone: 800-231-1414 or 631-231-1414   Fax: 631-231-1498 E-Mail:

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