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S4 Mailbox Unit
ADA 48 Series Mailboxes USPS 4C Approved  

2401 1 Box Shown

2400 Series RL

Data Distribution Box

Non-USPS Approved

Salsbury 2400 (non-USPS approved) series data distribution aluminum boxes have 1/4" thick extruded aluminum doors with a durable powder coated aluminum finish. Each door includes a 3/4" high door slot, a five (5) pin cylinder cam lock with two (2) keys and is hinged horizontally at the bottom. Alternative locking systems are available for options. Doors are available without slots upon request. The compartments have open backs (rear covers for a column of data distribution boxes #2451 are available as an option upon request) and are constructed of 20 gauge steel. All units have the same outside dimensions. Data distribution system boxes are designed to be installed between rack ladders.


2413 (With Black Trim)


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