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8870.1 Handset Style Apartment Station

40547 Voxie Interphone 2F+ 7-Buttons White

40547 Voxie Interphone 2F+ 7-Buttons White

Hands-Free, Open Voice

Voxie hands-free entryphone for Due Fili Plus system with 7 push buttons for answer, door lock release and auxiliary service (stair light) functions, 4 programmable push buttons for auxiliary functions and services<(>,<)> surface mounting, white

  • Also suitable for refurbishments
  • With Teleloop, optical and acoustic signalling. Crystal-clear sound and visual feedback confirm the activation of the functions, facilitating use for the visually impaired or hearing aid wearers too
  • Simplified configuration with dip switches, push buttons and software
  • Rapid and intuitive functions



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