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945B.EN Switchboard Master

945B.EN 8 Digit Digibus Desktop Switchboard Master 

945B.EN 8 Digit Digibus Desktop Switchboard Master

(Replaces 945B) 2 Wire System Handset
With English Language Preset

The Elvox / Vimar 945B.EN switchboard is a master for the 8 Digit Digibus System. The 945B.EN provides conversation with apartment stations as well as a door entry panel. LCD readout annunciates both incoming and outgoing calls, F1 and F2 emergency/alarm signals by apartment code. Call memory stores unanswered calls for future reference. Call signaling is by pleasant electronic tone. Simple call and answering procedures provide a quick and error free communication system. The 945B.EN also has provisions for Day/Night operation with a part time doorman by switching conversation to entry panel(s). Remote lock control pushbutton allows the concierge station to control a remote door lock(s) at the entry panels.

Class Model Type of Communication
Intercom Base Station Full-Duplex
Type of System Single Call Function General Call Function
Central Yes No
Installation Technique Mounting Method  
Multi-Wire System Desk Type Device  


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