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ReadySET Air sampling smoke detector

ReadySET Air sampling smoke detector with communication card

ReadySET replacement air filter
Air Sampling Smoke Detector
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Edwards ReadySET Air Sampling Smoke Detectors 9-30719-KFB, 9-30721-KFB

The ReadySET air aspirating (sampling) smoke detector is a central detection unit that actively draws air from a protected area through its sampling pipe and monitors the stream for the presence of smoke and other products of combustion. It can accommodate up to 10 sampling holes along a maximum pipe length of 164 ft (50 m). This versatile device brings all the benefits of aspirated air sampling to life safety applications – without the custom design requirements normally associated with this type of detection. Pre-engineered to meet a wide range prescribed application scenarios, ReadySET is an ideal solution for mission critical settings like assembly areas and laboratories, as well as large spaces like atria, and applications where concealed detection is desired.

Thanks to advanced features that make it virtually impervious to dust and dirt, ReadySET is ideal for use in hostile environments that would disable other kinds of smoke detectors. Forward scattering optical detection adds early warning capability without the risk of nuisance alarms normally associated with high sensitivity smoke detection, while exclusive environmental compensation technology adds a high degree of reliability to an already rock-solid detection solution.

ReadySET is sophisticated enough to handle even the most demanding jobs, yet simple enough to install without the burden of time-consuming engineering work. Predefined application scenarios clearly diagram how to lay out the pipe and where to drill the air intake holes. Field-configurable for a range of settings, it connects to any fire alarm control panel through dry contact relays.

For the installer…
• Simple installation without the need for a PC
 • Simple relay to other fire detection and control equipment
• Quick mounting to the wall by way of just three screws
• Ideal where normal point detection might not be suitable.
 • No special tools required to install and configure the detector

For maintenance personnel…
• Easy maintenance thanks to ground-level accessible filter and components (no ladders or sky-lift required)
• This unit can be located outside the area of detection, where hazards or security issues might make accessibility difficult.
• Simple diagnostics thanks to LEDs that remain visible even when the unit door is closed
• Optional serial interface for detailed PC-based diagnostics.
•• Environmental Compensation reduces nuisance alarms and service calls

For the building owner…
 • Low cost of ownership thanks to simple and quick maintenance procedures
• Esthetically pleasing design
• Expandable/networkable to grow with the fire detection needs
• Reliable technology based on field-proven detection technology
• Adjustable sensitivity is ideal where smoke might occur on regular and planned basis
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Edwards ReadySET Air Sampling Smoke Detectors 9-30719-KFB, 9-30721-KFB
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