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 93 & 93DF Series AdaptaBeacon Heavy Duty Strobe 
Edwards is a registered trademark of UTC Fire & Security


The Edwards 93 Series AdaptaBeacon Heavy Duty strobe lights are for use where more frequent and longer lasting signaling cycles may be required. They are designed with a series of complementing fresnels that cause the dome to "fill" with light each time the strobe flashes. Beam distance is increased with external fresnel lenses. These strobes are also available in "double flash" versions that double the on-time (50 double flashes per minute)

The 93 Series' trigger and timing circuits are included as integral parts of the power supply. Replacement costs are reduced as it is necessary to replace only the strobe tube.

Designed for indoor or outdoor installation. May be direct or 3/4" (19mm) conduit mounted on any plane. However, vertical installation ensures maximum beam width projection. For weatherproof installations, units must be mounted vertically with dome up. May be corner mounted using the Cat. No. CBR corner mount bracket, or wall mounted using the Cat. No. WBR, wall mount bracket.

The 93 Series is ideally suited for installation where high ambient light levels make traditionally rotating or flashing lights difficult to distinguish. The gasketed weatherproof design assures installation acceptability in most industrial and commercial locations.

They are used to signal equipment malfunctions, security intrusions, or pinpointing problem locations.

Single and double flash models
Optically designed fresnel lens
Cast base may be used as a junction box
Immune to shock and vibration
Agency Approvals
UL 1638 Listed
cUL Listed
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Cat. No. Lens Color Type Flash Replacement Lens Electrical Ratings Replacement Strobe Tube Peak Candlepower
93R-N5 Red Single 65 fpm 93-LR 120V 50/60 Hz
0.1 Amp
3,000 hour
800,000 cd
93A-N5 Amber 93-LA
93B-N5 Blue 93-LB
93G-N5 Green 93-LG
93M-N5 Magenta 93-LM
93C-N5 Clear 93-LC
93R-R5 Red Single 65 fpm 93-LR 240V 50/60 Hz
0.05 Amp
3,000 hour
800,000 cd
93A-R5 Amber 93-LA
93B-R5 Blue 93-LB
93G-R5 Green 93-LG
93M-R5 Magenta 93-LM
93C-R5 Clear 93-LC
93DFR-N5 Red Double 50 dfpm 93-LR 120V 50/60 Hz
0.1 Amp
3,000 hour
1,100,000 cd
93DFA-N5 Amber 93-LA
93DFB-N5 Blue 93-LB
93DFG-N5 Green 93-LG
93DFM-N5 Magenta 93-LM
93DFC-N5 Clear 93-LC
93DFR-R5 Red Double 50 dfpm 93-LR 240V 50/60 Hz
0.05 Amp
3,000 hour
1,100,000 cd
93DFA-R5 Amber 93-LA
93DFB-R5 Blue 93-LB
93DFG-R5 Green 93-LG
93DFM-R5 Magenta 93-LM
93DFC-R5 Clear 93-LC
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