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Call For Assistance Kit
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The Edwards 6538-G5 Call For Assistance system is designed for areas where a call-for-help or an emergency switch is required. The kit consists of a Cat. No. 6536-G5 horn/strobe for audible and visual signaling, a Cat. No. 6537 emergency pull cord station, and a Cat. No. 592 transformer. Each component may also be ordered individually.

Use in public and private rest rooms

6536-G5 Horn/Strobe

The Cat. No. 6536-G5 Horn/Strobe is designed for use in a single gage 2" (51mm) x 4" (102) box located over the door. Each unit contains an audible horn signal which generates an 82 dBA sound pressure level at 10 ft. and a high intensity strobe.

592 Transformer

The Edwards Cat. No. 592 transformer is used to power the horn/strobe. It is equipped with a grounding wire and is suitable for installation in both plastic and metal boxes.

6537 Pull Cord Stations

The Cat. No. 6537 pull cord station provides emergency call activation and reset. It has stainless steel face plate with a DPST switch.

Double pole single throw switch
High Intensity strobe
Neutral white color
Fits single gang box
Agency Approvals
Transformer and horn/strobe UL Listed
Horn/strobe UL 1638 Listed
Transformer primary: 120V AC; secondary: 24V AC
Horn/strobe current draw: 175 mA at 24V 50/60 Hz and 125 mA at 24V DC
Strobe output: 50 cd on-axis

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592 EDWARDS UL Transformer 120V Primary, 8-16/24
6536-G5 EDWARDS Horn/Strobe 24VAC
6537 EDWARDS Emergency Pull Cord Station, Double Pole, Single Throw
6538-G5 EDWARDS Emergency Assistance Kit: 1 Each 6536-G5. 6537, 592
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