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 51SIN Series
AdaptaBeacon® Steady-On Lights with Horn
Edwards is a registered trademark of UTC Fire & Security

The Edwards 51SIN Series AdaptaBeacon steady-on lights with horns are designed to provide a bright visual indication utilizing special optics within a shatter resistant polycarbonate lens. The polycarbonate lens ensures efficient light dispersion. And, with no moving parts, the lights are immune to shock and vibration. Lenses available in six colors: red, amber, blue, green, magenta and clear. Unique base design allows sound audibility while maintaining the unit's weatherproof integrity.

Designed for indoor or outdoor installation. May be direct, 1/2" (13mm) conduit, or box mounted on a 4" (102mm) octagon box. For weatherproof installation, units must be mounted vertically with lens facing up. May be corner mounted indoors using the Cat. No. CBR, corner mount bracket, or wall mounted indoors using the Cat. No. WBR, wall mount bracket. For additional protection against breakage, use Cat. No. 92-GRD lens guard.

Edwards steady-on lights with horns can advise personnel in manufacturing and process areas when an operation is starting or stopping. Usually used for signaling equipment malfunctions, security intrusions, or pinpointing problem locations. Can warn personnel that they are entering a restricted area or an area of high danger. May be used where a smaller light output is desired or where many multiple smaller flashing lights are specified.


Six lens colors: Amber, Blue, Green, Red, Magenta, White
Internal, base mounted horn rated at 85 dB at 10 feet (3.05 m)
 Cast base can be utilized as a junction box
AC models UL 1638 Listed
AC models cU29L Listed

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Cat. No Lens Colors Repl. Lens Lamp Ratings Repl. Lamp Lamp Life
51SINR-G1 Red 92-LR 24V DC
0.80A 5049 candlepower
 402 Lumens
Industry Trade No. 1638 3180 Hours
51SINA-G1 Amber 92-LA
51SINB-G1 Blue 92-LB
51SING-G1 Green 92-LG
51SINM-G1 Magenta 92-LM
51SINC-G1 Clear 92-LC
51SINR-N5-40W Red 92-LR 120V 50/60 Hz 0.29A
3341 candlepower 266 Lumens
Industry Trade 25T8DC
3920 Hours
51SINA-N5-40W Amber 92-LA
51SINB-N5-40W Blue 92-LB
51SING-N5-40W Green 92-LG
51SINM-N5-40W Magenta 92-LM
51SINC-N5-40W Clear 92-LC
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