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2000-DCT System Digital Clock
Timing & Scoreboard
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The Edwards Catalog 2000-DCT Clock Timer/Controller is a compact, microprocessor-controlled unit that enables an Edwards two or four-inch Digital Secondary Clock to be used for timing, count down timing, score keeping and code blue timing.

The unit is designed for ease of use, with logical button groupings, intuitive labeling, and LED function guidance. When a particular operating mode is selected, related LEDs illuminate to indicate the commands available in that mode. A lock-out feature allows the front panel controls to be disabled, preventing unauthorized use. The 2000-DCT and its associated clock can operate as a stand-alone clock/timer or as a secondary clock under the corrective control of an Edwards 2000-MTC Master Time/Program Clock. The unit is powered by separate 24VAC or 15VDC power; use the Edwards 2000-DCT-PS power supply.

The unit has five operating modes. In the first, clock mode, the controller operates under the control of a master clock. In the absence of a master clock, the timer/controller can operate in stand-alone mode, governing the time for its associated digital clock. Stand-alone mode does not provide battery backup.

The second and third modes, Count Up Timer Mode and Count Down Timer Mode, count up from zero or down to zero from a user selected start time. The timer can count by minutes and hours or by seconds and minutes. The unit can be set to run silent or to beep at determined increments. The fourth mode, Score Board Mode, uses the digital clock as a simple score board. The two left digits of the clock display the score of team 1 and the two right digits display the score of team 2. The last mode, Code Blue Timer Mode, shows the elapsed time from when a code blue call is placed to when the STOP button is pressed on the controller.

User-friendly front panel controls
Controls Edwards two-inch & four-inch digital clocks
Operating modes:
-12 or 24 hour clock
-Count down timer
-Elapsed timer
-Score board
-Code blue elapsed timer
Operates independently or as a satellite to a master clock
Timer display settings:
Textured gray ABS bezel
Textured gray polycarbonate
10V DC (110mA) to 15V DC (75mA) or 10V AC (91mA) to 24V AC (50mA) (use 2000-DCT-PS power supply)
Mounts in standard three or four gang electrical backbox
32 to 90F (0 to 32C)
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2000-DCT EDWARDS System Digital Clock Timer/Controller With Timing & Scoreboard Functions
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