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 280B-PL Series

Rate-of-rise/Fixed Temperature
Heat Detectors
FireworX Fire & Life Safety

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280B-PL Series heat detectors offer fixed temperature or combination rate-of-rise and fixed temperature detection.

Heat detectors are most suitable for environments where rapid fire development can be expected. When selecting the location on the ceiling for the heat sensor, do not locate it in direct path of hot or cold air flow. Refer to the detector specifications for the recommended maximum spacing. Earlier detector response may be obtained by reducing the spacing between detectors.

UL Li sted for 50 ft. (15.2m) spacing
Single pole - normally open contact
Low profile with mounting
Pure white finish
Mounting flexibility with screw terminals
Easy twist-on installation
On-site testing of rate-of-rise feature
Positive operating indication - for fixed temperature element
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Catalog No. Description Ship Wt. lb (kg)
281B-PL Heat Detector, 135F(57C) Rate-of Rise and Fixed Temperature 1.0 (0.5)
282B-PL Heat Detector, 194F(90C) Rate-of Rise and Fixed Temperature
283B-PL Heat Detector, 135F(57C) Fixed Temperature
284B-PL Heat Detector, 194F(90C)  Fixed Temperature
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