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 114 Series
Compaxx Series
Steady-on Light
PLC Compatible
 Type 4X

Edwards is a registered trademark of UTC Fire & Security

The Edwards 114 Series Steady-on incandescent lights are designed for applications in industrial, commercial, and institutional applications where reliable and distinctive visual indication is required. The 114 Series is ideal for process control as well as vehicular applications such as tow motors.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. When mounted outdoors the unit should be mounted with the lens facing up. Two mounting configurations are available:

The 114S, a surface mount version that utilizes a mounting gasket and locknut to provide a secure surface attachment and seal.

The 114P, a pipe mount version for mounting on 1/2" (13mm) NPT conduit.

Edwards steady-on lights are effective in high noise areas where ear protection must be worn and audible signals may not be heard or understood. They can advise personnel in manufacturing, process control and warehouse areas when an operation is starting or stopping or a vehicle is moving. They are also often used to signal equipment malfunction and to warn personnel that they are entering restricted areas.


NEMA Type 4X Enclosure
Two Mounting Configurations- Surface and Conduit
12 inch (305mm) wire leads
Black Impact Resistant Polycarbonate ABS Blend Base
Five Lens Colors
Available in Quantity Packaging (6)
Agency Approvals
UL 1638 Listed
UL Listed NEMA Type 4X
cUL Listed
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Cat No. Lens
Replacement Bulb Bulb Wattage Electrical Ratings Mounting
114SSINA-G1 Amber Industry Std. 1692 15W 24V DC 0.61 Amps Surface
114SSINB-G1 Blue
114SSINC-G1 Clear
114SSING-G1 Green
114SSINR-G1 Red
114PSINA-G1 Amber Industry Std. 1692 15W 24V DC 0.61 Amps 1/2" NPT Pipe
114PSINB-G1 Blue
114PSINC-G1 Clear
114PSING-G1 Green
114PSINR-G1 Red
114SSINA-N5 Amber Industry Std. 15T7DC 15W
120V AC 0.150 Amps
114SSINB-N5 Blue
114SSINC-N5 Clear
114SSING-N5 Green
114SSINR-N5 Red
114PSINA-N5 Amber Industry Std. 15T7DC 15W 120V AC 0.150 Amps 1/2" NPT Pipe
114PSINB-N5 Blue
114PSINC-N5 Clear
114PSING-N5 Green
114PSINR-N5 Red
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