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 102 Series

* Signifies lens module color
 (A-amber, B-blue, G-green, R-red)
Triliptical Stackable
Status Indicator of Industrial Applications
Steady-on LED Light Source

Edwards is a registered trademark of UTC Fire & Security

The 102 Series Triliptical Stackable status Indicators from Edwards are PLC compatible NEMA 4X Rated, industrial stackable beacons. They are unique audible-visual signaling devices which contain up to 5 light modules and an optional tone module in a single stack. Designed to maximize viewing surface while minimizing the mounting footprint; the lens incorporates a projection ring to project the light over a distance and diffusion optics for viewing efficiency at close range. All modules have captive gaskets and screws.

The unit can be easily surface mounted or mounted on 3/4" (19 mm) NPT conduit. It is designed for use in non-hazardous dust and weatherproof applications.

The lens modules are available in five brilliant colors: red, amber, blue, green and clear. Steady-on and flashing LED, halogen, standard incandescent and flashing strobe light modules can be used in conjunction with any of the five available lens modules. The steady-on and flashing LED modules are available in four colors (red, amber, blue and green) and must be used in conjunction with the matching lens module for true color.

UL Listed and CSA Certified for indoor & outdoor applications
CE Marked visual signal
NEMA 4X NEMA 3R and IP65 rated
Molded in gaskets in lens and sound module panels
Modules stackable in any combination or color
Available in 24V DC or 120V AC
Optional base mounted single tone or multi-tone signal modules
Vibration resistant design
Module rearrangement requires no rewiring
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Catalog No. Electrical Ratings Lens Color Replacement Lamp Lamp Life
Lamp Life
Manufacturer's Light Output
Steady-On LED Light Source
102LS-SLEDA-G1 24V DC 0.062A Amber   100,000   346 Lumens
102LS-SLEDB-G1 Blue     145 Lumens
102LS-SLEDG-G1 Green     145 Lumens
102LS-SLEDR-G1 Red     145 Lumens
102LS-SLEDA-N5 120V AC 0.22A Amber   100,000   346 Lumens
102LS-SLEDB-N5 Blue     145 Lumens
102LS-SLEDG-N5 Green     145 Lumens
102LS-SLEDR-N5 Red     145 Lumens
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