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IXG Series: IP Multi-Tenant Video Intercom

IXG Series:  IP Multi-Tenant Video Intercom

The IXG Series is an IP multi-tenant video intercom system. The IXG Series can address the communication needs of any multi-tenant facility. It supports up to 9,999 physical devices and 9,999 IXG apps. All stations require a PoE network drop, simplifying the installation process. IXG-DM7-HID entrance stations allow for selective communication to tenants within the system. Individual IX series door stations, such as the IX-DV can be used to call guards or tenants when a single call option is required. IXG-MK guard stations are used as a centralized point of system communication and control for security or concierge services. Place system-wide pages, receive calls from Entrance and Tenant Stations, respond to Outside Area calls, and more. IXG-2C7 tenant stations provide audio and video communication from entrance panels, door stations, and guard stations. The tenant station can call and communicate with another tenant station that is installed within the same residence. The tenant station can also call any IXG app that is associated with the residence. IX-MV7 master stations can be used in Commercial and Inside Area Units. With more features available to them when compared to a Tenant Station, set call transfer scenarios, speed dial buttons, group calling and paging, and other IX Series features to give more system independence compared to other Unit types. IX Series emergency call units are used in stairwells, parking garages, and public areas outside the building to notify security when assistance is required.

  • Flush wall-mounted
  • Panel is made of self-extinguishing resin
  • Frame & Back Box is made of Self-extinguishing plastic

Spec Sheet | Installation Manual


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