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AP-777UW Adapter (Cover) Plate With Common Mounting Holes 



Intercom Adapter (Cover) Plate With Common Mounting Holes 

The AP-777UW intercom adapter plates are designed to assist installers in field installations when upgrading older intercom stations. These oversized steel cover plates will overlap the wall opening of many older, obsolete intercom stations. Newer intercom pushbutton stations, or handsets can then be mounted to the AP-777UW using the variety of mounting holes provided. Custom mounting holes (matching the existing wall holes) can be easily drilled at the job site. If you have precise measurements, LEE DAN will drill extra holes for you for a nominal charge! Save money - installation is quick, easy, attractive, and eliminates the need for plastering and painting over the old hole.

Specifications Universal Mounting Holes
AP-777UW Size: 12 1/2" x 5 1/12" x 3/16". A: For 801 Handsets
Finish: Powder Coated Steel B: For IR-200 Series Stations
Color: Bright White C: For TA-205C, TA-205B, 8870, 8870.1, 870-AW Handsets (turn plate upside down)
Wiring Hole: 1" hole for wiring D: For TA-205C, TA-205B, & TA-292 Handsets (turn plate upside down)
  E: 10 1/2" on center (AP-777 series only)
  Custuom Holes: Drilled upon request


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