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2 Easy DX471 / DX-471 – 7" Touch Screen Monitor

DX471 / DX-471 – 7

DX471 / DX-471 – 7" Touch Screen Monitor

7″ Touch Screen Monitor, WiFi and Mobile Enabled.

Advanced Features
  • The Monitor Station connects to the internet through local
    WiFi and cloud based SIP server to divert calls to the
    Smartphone/Tablet APP
  • The mobile APP allows two-way communication,
    video and door unlock (Android or Apple iOS)
Main Features
  • Video intercom provides a reliable way to see and screen visitors,
    and allows two-way communication before unlocking the door
  • Simple and intuitive touch screen menu
  • Convenient touch sensor Talk and Unlock buttons to quickly
    communicate with the visitor and release the door
  • The Talk and Unlock buttons are marked with a raised dot
    for the visually impaired (one dot for two-way communication
    and two dots for Unlock)
  • Pan, tilt and zoom when using FE type Entry Panels
  • Hands free operation
  • Stylish low profile surface mount Monitor
  • Dimensions: 6.34 H x 6.85 W x 0.87 (inch)
  • Supports multiple monitors in each apartment,
    use DT-47MG (wired) or a second DX-471 (WiFi)
  • Intercom options: Monitor to Monitor, Guard Station call
    and apartment-wide broadcast
  • Record snapshot or video from entry panel or other cameras
    in monitor memory (requires a micro SC card for video)
  • Compatible with all 2-wire system components
  • Applications from one to 256 apartments
Extended Capabilities
  • Surveillance camera viewing with the DT-SCU module
  • Quad split – show 4 cameras on screen with DT-QSW module
  • Additional light or 2nd lock control with DT-RLC module








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