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Tek-CARE 500

Tek-CARE®500 Wireless Nurse Call / Emergency Call System


Tek-CARE500 is a UL®2560 Listed wireless nurse call system for use by assisted and independent living facilities. The system ensures reliable call transmission using spread spectrum technology. Tek-CARE500 provides senior living facilities with the most advanced security and safety available, giving residents the peace of mind and independence they deserve.

Tek-CARE500 includes a complete selection of wireless call transmitters — including pendants, emergency switches, check-in switches, door and window monitors, and motion detectors — powered by batteries that last more than one year. Plus, all transmitters are supervised, so you always know your system is working.

The Tek-CARE Appliance Server with Tek-CARE500 software is the core of the system, keeping track of all transmitters and calls, and sending calls to staff via pagers, email, text messages, or our Tek-CARE Staff App for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV*, or Android devices. The system also maintains resident information — including photos, medical information, and contact information for relatives and physicians. All information is clearly and logically displayed on the flat-panel monitor, and calls can be automatically transmitted via phone to a central monitoring facility.



Nurse Call System Components
Site Survey Kit Tek-CARE Monitor Receiver Repeater/Locator
SF503UL & SF504UL SF151UL SF301A-SF302 SF301G-SF302G
Pendant Transmitters PIR Motion Detector Single & Double Call Cords Call Cord
SF520UL SF525UL SF525/2UL SF527UL SF521UL
Door/Window Egress Transmitter Universal Contact Transmitters Wireless Support Module Room Station
SF523UL SF531UL SF530UL SF337C
Room Station Wireless Emergency Call Station Single Resident Bed Station Emergency Shower Switch
NC475 LS621 LS622 NC365B
Appliance Server Staff App Apple TV App Paging Transmitter
NC397A SI005 IH511 NC556
Alphanumeric Pager LED Message Sign Weatherproof Housing Ethernet-Fiber Converter
PK250B NC502 PK601A LI382LED
Power Supply Auto Dialer 24 VDC Power Supply Corridor Zone Light
IH527 IH528 NC505ES | NC506ES | NC507ES LI381 | LI382
Single Gang Plastic Back Box Single Gang Plastic Back Box Remote Receivers Corridor Zone Light
Power & Control Kit      
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