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TekTone®’s Tek-ENTRY® Modular Series Telephone Entry Systems are designed for easy operation. All models have a capacity of 1–750 suites, and may be configured for 7-, 10- or 11- digit telephone numbers By entering a simple 4-digit code, the system calls the correct phone number to allow access. The called party’s phone number remains secret. Programming and reprogramming are push-button simple.






3-year warranty (control unit only)

Use with rotary or touchtone service

 Memory retention during power failure (EEPROM)

 26-bit Wiegand output to connect to card reader systems

 Toll restrictor

 Front-panel programming

 Tamper-proof programming security

 Aluminum construction resists vandalism

 Unbreakable Lexan® Directory Window*

Selectable 1–9 minute talk time limit


Dimensions: Height: 19" (483 mm) Width: refer to IL312 housing chart Depth: .875" (22 mm) flush-mounted

Construction: Anodized extruded aluminum

Power Required: 110 VAC with SS106 Transformers


AM190D Directory Panel (60 names each max)

OF190 Series Frame

OH190 Series Housing

SS106 Transformer (2 required)

TE905A Modular Telephone Entry Panel


TE905ANP No Phone Line version Telephone

Entry Panel

TA905 Optional Handset Panel

Suffix “P” Postal Release Option, installed

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Architects' & Engineers' Specifications:

TekTone®’s Tek-ENTRY® Modular Series Telephone Entry System is a complete automatic call and entry control system. The system operates on a standard dedicated telephone line and 110 VAC with 16 VAC transformer.

All units shall include integral power supply, panel-mounted PC board, metal telephone key pad, busy and door-open indication, postal release option and speaker/microphone panel, or optional armored handset. The Tek-ENTRY® Modular Series allows for a capacity of 1–750 suites, and may be configured for 7-, 10- or 11-digit telephone numbers.

 The Tek-ENTRY® Modular Series System shall provide a relay output for controlling doors, gates, elevators, etc., and shall be able to dial either rotary or touchtone. It shall also provide built-in capability for multiple entrances. Construction shall be of extruded anodized aluminum modular panels.









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