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Tek-CARE 500
Tek-CARE Wireless Surface Mount Room Station with Optional Pull Cord

The SF523UL is a wireless, surface-mountable station that includes a call button, an optional pull cord, an LED for call indication, and a reset button. The SF523UL is provided with three interchangeable label inserts for different uses such as “Help”, “Assist/Check-In”, and “Emergency” calls. The SF523UL may also be programmed as a call/check-in station if desired.

The optional RP187K water-resistant gasket allows the station to be used in wet environments such as shower rooms. When a call is placed, it annunciates on any master stations, duty stations, staff apps, and monitors installed on the TekCARE system zoned to display the call. The SF523UL stations are configured using the LS450 Config Tool software. By default, the call button and pull cord place an “Emergency” call. The LS450 Config Tool software can also be used to program additional call types and create custom call button inserts for the SF523UL.

The SF523UL may be directly surface-mounted to a nonmetallic surface, or mounted using a non-metallic singlegang backbox or low voltage ring. Mount the station using an IH521K mounting kit. The station snaps into the kit’s plastic bezel and then onto the kit’s surface mounting plate, leaving no visible screw holes.


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