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The SF380A (SF-380A) Visual-Only Patient Station controls two dome lights, senses button presses and switch closures, and provides routine, bath emergency, and code calls (when partnered with the proper auxiliary stations) to the Tek-CARE® NC300II central equipment for display at the system master stations. The SF380A (SF-380A) provides routine call input via a push-button call cord, and can signal a medium priority cord out call.

When used with an emergency station, it provides a medium priority bath emergency call. When used with a code station, it provides a high priority code call. The SF380A (SF-380A) also has a smoke detector input. Station addressing uses a 7-position dipswitch. Six switches set the station address; the seventh switch determines whether lamps are supervised. The SF380A (SF-380A) is a drop-in replacement for the SF380C, with dipswitch-selectable lamp supervision.





 Call-placed indicator

 Signaling for routine, bath emergency, code, and fire with smoke detectors

Low power requirements

Addressable—requires no IR-series station

 Station-bus connector pin-compatible with existing

IR-series stations


Dimensions: Height: 4.5" (114 mm)

Width: 2.75" (69 mm)

Depth: 2.5" (64 mm)

Projects: 0.4375" (11 mm)

Construction: Flame-retardant (UL® 94V-0) plastic

faceplate. All electronic components

are circuit-board mounted.

Connections: Plug-in connectors for all wiring.

Housing: Single-gang ring & double-gang back box.


Tek-CARE®NC300II Nurse Call System

LI380, LI382 or LI384A Corridor Dome Light

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Architects' & Engineers' Specifications:


The Tek-CARE® NC300II visual-only patient station shall be an SF380A (SF-380A)or approved equal as supplied by LEE DAN®. The visual-only patient station shall provide for the proprietary Tek-CARE® NC300II interconnect. The device shall receive power from the Tek-CARE® NC300II Central Equipment (CE) and shall provide routine call signaling to the CE and system master stations. The station shall also provide inputs for bath emergency, code and fire (with smoke detectors). The station shall provide outputs for both red and white dome lamps, and shall accommodate a TekTone® LI-384A supervised corridor light. The station shall also provide dipswitch-selectable lamp supervision.

The SF380A (SF-380A) shall be housed in a high impact, flame retardant (UL® 94V-0) plastic enclosure, and shall fit into a double-gang back box with a single-gang ring, or shall be mounted with no back box using a single-gang adapter plate.

The SF380A (SF-380A) shall be UL® 1069 Listed, and shall meet or exceed UL®’s requirement to withstand 8kV Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).





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