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The SF067 (SF-067) Wireless Pendant Transmitter is a digital UHF transmitter for use with IR250 or IR300 series Patient Stations along with the NC267 or NC367 Wireless Single Channel Receivers, respectively. It allows the wearer to place a call (Emergency for Tek-DIGICARE®, Monitor for Tek-CARE® NC300II) by depressing the button on the SF067 (SF-067). The SF067 (SF-067) is compact and lightweight, and is worn with the included 30” neck chain. This allows users to place calls within areas of a building that are not directly near nurse signaling devices.

The SF067 (SF-067) requires no wiring connections and operates on the 303.875 MHz frequency. It provides LED indication when the user transmits a call signal. The LED also serves as a “battery good” indicator. The simple easy-access dipswitch programming method allows for up to 252 individual transmitter/receiver code combinations.


Wireless call transmissions and digital UHF operation

Compact and lightweight

Transmitter active and battery good LED indicator

Includes 30” neck chain and 12 VDC battery

252 transmitter codes with dipswitch programming 


Dimensions: Height: 2.2” (55 mm) Width: 1.42” (36 mm) Depth: .66” (17 mm)

Power: 12 VDC Battery

Frequency: 303.875 MHz

Encoding technique: Pulse width A-1 modulation at 250 bits/second; four correct 8-bit words required for activation

Finish: Black with light texture 


Tek-CARE® NC300II Nurse Call System

IR300 Series Patient Station

NC367 Wireless Single Channel Receiver


Tek-DIGICARE® Nurse Call System

IR250 Series Patient Station

NC267 Wireless Single Channel Receiver 

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Architects' & Engineers' Specifications:

The wireless miniature transmitter shall be TekTone® SF067 (SF-067) or approved equal digital UHF transmitter as supplied by LEE DAN®. It shall use the 303.875 MHz frequency for signal transmission.

No physical wiring connections shall be required to transmit a call, and the device shall include a transmission indicator/battery test LED. The transmitter shall have a minimum of 252 user programmable code settings, via an easily accessible dipswitch. The transmitter will also include a 30” neck chain and a 12 VDC battery.

The transmitter shall be no larger than 2.2” x 1.42” x 0.66” and shall be light enough to be worn comfortably using an included neck chain.





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