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Management Monitoring System
For NC300 II Tek-CARE™
Microprocessor-Based Nurse Call System

The NC385(NC-385) Tek-BRIDGE® with Tek-MMARS®300 software is the management monitoring and reporting system for the Tek-CARE® NC300/II nurse call system. The Tek-BRIDGE® server also supplies ports for the facility’s local area network (LAN) and the radio pocket paging system’s paging transmitter. Each Tek-CARE® NC300/II nurse call system connects either to one of the server’s unused serial ports, or to the facility’s LAN using a CT601 Serial to IP Converter.

The Tek-MMARS®300 software includes these modules:

• LS301 Tek-CARE® NC300/II Connection enables Tek-MMARS®300 to monitor one nurse call system. Purchase an LS302 license for each additional Tek-CARE® NC300/II system to be monitored.

 • LS576 Event Monitor displays all activity of monitored Tek-CARE® NC300/II systems on the Tek-BRIDGE®.

• LS586 Remote Event Monitors display Tek-CARE® NC300/II nurse call system activity. This software may be installed on up to nine of the facility’s personal computers (PCs) running Microsoft® Windows®, and connected to Tek-BRIDGE® via the facility’s LAN. One license is included with the NC385. Purchase additional licenses separately as one license (LSMON1) or a block of five licenses (LSMON5).

 • Tek-CARE® Reporting System records all nurse call activity, and provides custom reports on this activity for followup review and evaluation by management. Reports are viewed using a web browser (such as Microsoft® Internet Explorer). They may also be printed, saved as HTML files for later viewing in a web browser, or saved as CSV files for viewing in a spreadsheet program (such as Microsoft® Excel). When connected to a facility’s LAN, the Tek-CARE® Reporting System can be accessed by any networked computer via a web browser.

• LS450 Config Tool is used to set up and customize the Tek-MMARS®300 software, and to save the system configuration.


• Proprietary server with built-in speaker, flat panel monitor, keyboard and mouse.
• Includes reporting, event monitor, and one remote event monitor.
 • Includes paging software module for automatic and manual pages to staff.
• Includes software module to connect one Tek-CARE® NC300/II nurse call system. Additional licenses are available separately.
• Optional software modules include up to eight additional remote event monitors, Tek-CARE®400 and Tek-CARE®500ES connections, and email output.
• 3 network interface cards/ports provide connections to the facility’s LAN and a Tek-CARE®400 central equipment.
• 6 RS232 serial ports provide connections for a paging transmitter, plus up to 4 directly connected Tek-CARE® NC300/II nurse call systems


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