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UHF Paging Transmitter


The NC369 (NC-369) UHF Paging Transmitter receives alphanumeric messages and patient call information via serial interface and transmits the information directly to pagers. Information is sent to the transmitter at 9600 baud to minimize bottlenecks. Call type and location are determined by the system supplying information to the transmitter. Up to 1,000 pager IDs are supported. Battery backup is also available. Programming is simple using a PC or laptop and web based programming screens. Dipswitches are also available on the unit for minimal function onsite setup.

The system's range depends upon the site and the transmitter's location. To determine the exact coverage, conduct a site survey. Estimate a range of up to one mile under ideal conditions. The unit includes a 1/4-wave BNC-terminated antenna to provide coverage that meets most requirements. The optional CA133 (CA-133) Antenna is suited for installations that require good building penetration and range. On average, the CA133 Antenna adds about 25% to the transmission footprint, and because it comes with approximately 10 feet of cable, it can be mounted in more locations.


Dimensions: 2.7" x 10" x 8" (6.86 cm x 25.4 cm x 20.32 cm)

Construction: Electronic components mounted on A PCB enclosed in an ABS housing

Connections: Plug-in RJ45 to DB9

Housing: Surface or shelf mounted

Frequency: Programmable for 440-470 MHz

RF Power Output: Up to 2 watts

Voltage: 12VDC at 2A Input 115 VAC


IC (Canada): IC4767A-PT5

BAUD Rate: 9600 serial input, 1200 transmit


NC399P Pagers

Tek-CARE®400 Nurse Call System

or Tek-CARE®NC300II Nurse Call System

or Tek-CARE®NC110/150/200 Nurse Call System

(requires NC375 Transmitter Interface)

or Tek-CARE®500 Wireless Emergency Call System

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Architects' & Engineers' Specifications:

The UHF on-site paging system transmitter/control unit shall be TekTone® NC369 (NC-369) or approved equal as supplied by LEE DAN®.

The NC369 shall support one Tek-CARE® NC300II, Tek-CARE®400, or Tek-CARE®500 system. The paging information shall be supplied to the unit at 9600 baud on 457.550 Mhz. Information such as call type, location and priority shall be sent to the pagers in its entirety. LEDs shall indicate transmitter activity.

The paging system shall support up to 1,000 pager IDs and shall have adjustable transmission strength of up to two watts (site survey recommended).


Paging is an ancillary method of call annunication, and is not intended to replace primary annunciation provided by the nurse call system.

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