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LI404B (LI-404B)    
Strobe Signal


The LI404B (LI-404B) Strobe is a high-intensity remote visual signaling device for use with LEEDAN® or TekTone® PK-543A, PK543 (PK-543), PK205 (PK-205) and PK104B (PK-104B) Amplifier Apartment Systems, and with LEE DAN® or TekTone® PK502B (PK-502B) Transfer Relays. The unit is primarily for use in locations where hearing-impaired persons require supplemental visual call notification, but can be used anywhere a visual indication of an incoming call is desired. The bright strobe light flashes for approximately 15-20 seconds when an incoming call is detected.

The device can be installed in most standard single or double gang electrical boxes or similar indoors openings. It is not a weatherproof device and therefore should not be used for any outdoor applications. Installation is facilitated by the use of simple connections to the pre-mounted circuitry and a complement of mounting hardware.

The LI404B (LI-404B) Strobe Light portion meets ADA and UL® 1971 requirements.


Works with most LEE DAN® or TekTone® apartment intercoms

Meets ADA and UL®1971 requirements

Simple installation


Dimensions: Height: 5.5" (140mm) Width: 4.5" (72mm) Depth: 3.5" (89mm) Projects: 2.5" (63.5 mm) from mounting surface

Strobe: 15 candela per UL®1971

Power: 24VDC, 57 mA DC nominal

Construction: Attractive, flame-retardant (UL® 94V-0) plastic housing

Wiring: 18 gauge minimum, 750' maximum

Installation: Standard single or dual gang box



PK Amplifier System: Includes PK543A (PK-543A), PK543 (PK-543), PK205 (PK-205) and related system components (PK502B (PK-502B) Transfer Relays, IR Remote Stations & TA Suite Handsets, Various Entry Panels)

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Architects' & Engineers' Specifications:

Strobe light shall be TekTone® LI404B (LI-404B) or approved equal as supplied by LEE DAN®

Operation shall be accomplished by placing a call to a remote station. The strobe light shall flash for approximately 15-20 seconds upon detection of the incoming call signal.

The strobe light shall have a brightness of 15 candela per UL®1971 (75 candela per UL®1638). It shall be encased in an attractive, flame retardant (UL®94V-0) plastic housing.

The strobe light shall meet ADA and UL® requirements for signaling appliances.


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