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NC-150R Tek-SAFE™
Area of Rescue
 Assistance System
(Area of Refuge)

Tek-SAFE™ Area of Rescue Assistance System is an emergency intercom system that allows people who are unable to reach safety by themselves to summon assistance from rescue personnel. Tek-SAFE™ meets the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for area of rescue assistance systems (previously called area of refuge systems). Check local codes for additional requirements. Tek-SAFE™ provides audio communication between area of rescue remote call stations (in protected stairwells) and the building lobby. Calls are indicated at the lobby master station by both visual and audible signals. The master station has sensitive 2-way communication to the remote call stations, and can also initiate call tones to them. The standard NC150R master station accommodates up to 8 remote call stations; other sizes may be special ordered.


NC-150R IR150SS

NC-150R is an "Area Of Rescue" system designed to provide voice and signal communication between the master intercom/annunciator and IR-150B area of refuge call stations.

IR150SS Remote Call Stations are located in areas of rescue assistance to provide two-way

PK152 IR150SSF

The PK152 (PK-152) Annunciator Control Unit provides power and control circuits to operate TekTone®’s Tek-CARE® NC-150, NC-200 and NC-110 nurse call systems, or the Tek-SAFE™ Area of Rescue assistance system.


IR150SSF Remote Call Stations are located in areas of rescue assistance to provide two-way

IR150B PS-30A

IR150B (IR-150B) Staff Station provides for efficient use of the nursing staff by permitting fast reliable communication.

Tri-Volt Pigtail transformer
OH-150 SI002

Flush Housing for NC-150R. Galvanized Steel.

11 5/8"H, 4 7/16"W, 3 7/8"D.

SI003 SI004

Custom Lens Marking


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