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DS-100 (DS100)

AM-100/36 (AM100/36)
Audible-Visual Annunciator
Tek-SENTRY Door Monitoring &
 Emergency Alarm System

DS-100/20 (Left Module)
AM-100/36 (Right Module)
Mounted in OF-202T Frame


The DS100 (DS-100) is a zoned, audible-visual alarm-indicating system designed to monitor doors, windows, or any device that uses open or closed contact switches, including momentary emergency push buttons. Interruption or making of a circuit will cause the specific light indicator to latch on at the master panel and generate an alarm tone which may be silenced without cancelling the visual signal. Annunciator capacity can be expanded using AM-100/24 (24 zone) or AM-100/36  (36 zone) expansion models.

The visual signal can only be reset at the master.

The PK2019A (PK-2019A) Annunciator Power & Control Unit provides power, control and signaling circuits, plus a normally open and a normally closed auxiliary contact. Using a PK2019A control unit provides a full-form "C" dry contact. Screw terminals are provided for wire termination. The PK2019A is surface mount, and is enclosed in an extruded aluminum case.

DS-100 Modules include Speaker and zero through 20 annunciator zone lights:

Model  Speaker Lamps Parallel Modification
DS-100 (DS100) Yes Zero No
DS-100/4 (DS100/4) Yes 4 No
DS-100/4P (DS100/4P) Yes 4 Yes
DS-100/8 (DS100/8) Yes 8 No
DS-100/8P (DS100/8P) Yes 8 Yes
DS-100/12 (DS100/12) Yes 12 No
DS-100/12P (DS100/12P)  Yes 12 Yes
DS-100/16 (DS100/16) Yes 16 No
DS-100/16P (DS100/16P) Yes 16 Yes
DS-100/20 (DS100/20) Yes 20 No
DS-100/20P (DS100/20P) Yes 20 Yes
AM-100/24 (AM100/24) No 24 No
AM-100/24P (AM100/24) No 24 Yes
AM-100/36 (AM100/36) No 36 No
AM-100/36P (AM100/36P) No 36 Yes



Steady or pulsating tone 

Tone-off switch with auto reset

Modular design

Open or closed circuit detection


Dimensions: Varies based on number of zones

Connections: Screw terminals

Transformer: 16 VAC, 30 VA

System Power: 24 VDC


PK-2019A: Power & Control Unit (can also replace former models PK-2019, PK2019)

PS-30A: UL Transformer, 16VAC, 30VA

RP-021CM: Custom Lens Markings

LI-014: Spare Annunciator Bulb(s) 24V

N-553A: Lamp Extractor Tool

ST-019: Magnetic Contact

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Architects' & Engineers' Specifications:

The system control panel shall be a TekTone DS-100 (DS100) as supplied by LEE DAN and shall contain individual light/push buttons for each detection circuit.

The annunciator unit shall have extruded aluminum modular panels.

All connections shall be screw terminals. The control unit shall be PK-2019A (PK2019A) with a normally open and a normally closed auxiliary contact.


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