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6400 Series

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STD-4C Compliant Front Loading
 Wall-Mounted Centralized Mail Receptacles


Whenever your requirements include Postal specialties, you can feel confident specifying Bommer because Bommer enjoys a reputation as one of the oldest and most reliable and service oriented manufacturers of Postal Service-approved mailboxes. Models carrying the Bommer trademark have become the standard for multi-tenant units: apartment houses, condominiums, dormitories and other institutional-type facilities.


    • 4C units that meet or exceed all the USPS security tests required

    • Recessed tenant doors with interlocking lock and hinged edges to prevent prying

    • Master loading doors that have interlocking, and an overlapping seam to prevent prying

    • Thick Stainless Steel latches on every tenant door

    • Full length, one-piece extruded interlocking hinge to prevent prying

    • Stainless Steel reinforced collection door to prevent break-ins

    • Parcel locker's have two latching mechanisms designed for added door security and strength.

    • Interlocking shelves located above parcel lockers prevent prying into customer compartments.

    • Tenant door options beyond the standard 3"x12"x15" format, include the ability to configure the 4C units with double, triple or quad-height compartments.

    • Rugged, durable, powder coated finishes in several architectural colors that resist corrosion from the elements and are Eco-friendly.

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